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Air Pollution in Delhi: It has become a matter of politics rather than matter of concern.

Stuble burning / Green cracker

Diwali has passed, no doubt people did enjoy crackers heavily, and there were no restrictions either from central government or state government. And I had a fear in my mind, of becoming Delhi again a gas chamber. But some people were saying that it would not happen again.

Moreover Supreme court also did not take any strict actions on it and allowed people to burn green crackers. Green crackers! Really it gave me a new curiosity to know about it so decided to ask a man who runs grocery shop and also sells crackers during diwali.

   ‘Uncle! Do you have green crackers?’ I asked him.

First of all he saw my face and finally asked, ‘what do you mean by green crackers?’

 ‘Supreme court have allowed for green crackers, you don’t know?’ I said.

 ‘Yes I know,’ he smiled and showed me a bursting crackers’

 ‘But it is normal crackers,’ I asked surprisingly.

 ‘Is it not looking green?’ he asked.

Yes surely! It’s cover was green. Really it was looking very nice in green wrapper. I saw him and smiled, now my query about “Green crackers” had been completed and I came back home.

Now my question had been changed, and it was, “Why supreme court did not take any strict actions against it?” No doubt; Supreme Court is very much sincere in our country and always give best judgment in public interest.

Really I could not found the exact answer so I decided to repeat my question again as I do many times when I do not find answer of difficult question. “Why supreme court did not take any action?” and this time I had found the answer and it was “Why supreme court will take any actions?” you may be surprise how a question can be answer of another question? So let us understand the whole scene.

India is democratic country where governments are chosen by public whether it is central government or state government and Delhi is the same. Supreme court try to intervene very much less in public matter. Now the question is who is responsible for it and we know Central government and state government are responsible for it.

After Diwali when pollution began to increase, the chief minister of Delhi blamed other states government not taking any strict actions on farmers, who are burning stubble. Moreover, central government became silent on this matter. Slowly – slowly smug covered all over the Delhi and Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal declared 5 day leave for students, specially the children.

We know that last year when Supreme court had banned on crackers completely, the air pollution after Diwali did not reach to a alarming level, despite being severe for a long while.

In the recent media news the chief minister of Delhi says that this is being due to stubble burning, people of Delhi did everything to prevent the pollution and neighboring state should come together and seek for a solution for stubble burning rather than making it a political issues.

This is the statement of Delhi government who did not take any actions during the Diwali. I saw that people were bursting the crackers up to 12 o clock in the night and it happened all over the Delhi. Now the question is, if Delhi CM is really serious about the pollution. And answer is No; not at all.

As the next election in Delhi for CM is going to held in February 2020 so he do not want to annoy the Delhi’s voter, the third class hindu voters who have come from UP and Bihar as this people do not understand the pollution and do burst crackers without caring of environment and health challenges.

In addition, the same situation is also with the governments of other states, as they also do not annoy the farmers as they are the core voters in state elections.

And finally I don’t see any quick development either at state level or center level until any social activist like Anna Hajare do not sit on strike against the pollution and make a huge public movement against it.