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CAB (Citizenship amendment bill) 2019 of India: Why USA and USCIRF have no right to speak over it.


Indian government has passed CAB (Citizenship amendment bill) 2019, which gives citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christian migrants who have migrated in India from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Some people are talking that it is against Human rights. I will talk later about the people who are opposing it inside India, first of all I want to tell about western countries who are opposing it and want to make clear their intention behind it.

The history is evident that: For western countries, “Human rights are things which does not harm their interest and their people.

I want to give some example about this: When ISIS began to kill people in Iraq and Syria, the people began to flee from there. They began to migrate in Europe and some of them tried to asylum in USA. US government refused the migration of these people on the ground that some of them might be terrorist. Some European countries gave them asylum, which made the path of Brexit and we know that Brexit happened only for preventing migrants from Iraq and Syria who were reaching in UK through European countries.

If I talk about secularism in USA, we know that, this is the country where a Muslim has to change his religion to become the President of USA.

Now let us make emphasis why USA is so keen about CAB bill. We know that USA had helped Pakistan in 1971 war between India and Pakistan. India could get defeat in this war if Russia had not helped us. Which might resulted to be captured our some land by Pakistan. Now the people who are opposing this law are those people who favor Pakistan due India – Russia friendship.

Now let us see if CAB Bill really affect Indian Muslims ? The simple answer is: No.

The people who are affected by this Law are Rohingya Muslim who have illegally migrated India through Bangladesh and we know that this people are terrorist minded people against whom Myanmar government had run operation in 2015   And this law will also affect some Bangladeshi who have migrated India, during India – Pakistan war 1971. Now it is very much difficult for Indian Government to separate Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshi Muslims. So decided to keep both out of this list.

The reason to include other migrants from these countries is that these this people are really being tortured in these countries by majority Muslims, whose news come from time to time. In addition, data also show the realty. In 1950 27 % population of Pakistan was Minority (Hindus and other religious people) but in 2019 it is merely 3% of total population, the detail can be seen on Wikipedia on topic, “Minorities in Pakistan.

Every country has right to secure its border and its people and India is doing the same through CAB Bill which almost not affecting its Muslims citizen. So the blame of USA – USCIRF is baseless and political motivated. As it is an internal matter of India so absolutely they have no right to speak over it.