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Happy Diwali, 2019: how much it worth for Kashmiri Pandits.

Kashmiri Pandits are celebrating the removal of article 370 from J & K

Happy Diwali! Yeah it has come, sure all of us are happy. , some of us are decorating home, some of us are buying new bikes and cars and children are happy to get new clothes and sweets. Happy Diwali has a religious significant among Hindu family. On this day people from Hindu family worship Goddess Laxmi and seek her blessing for prosperous life.

Some of people wait Diwali all over the year to buy some valuable articles  like – Jewellery, new bike or car and even home. Diwali is considered very much lucky for buying new articles among Indians.

Now when India has revoked article 370 from Kashmir, it is not a simple Diwali for Kashmiri Pandits at the time when they have been forcibly expelled by muslims extremist, from Kashmir.

Some nations falsely blame India for torturing Kashmiri muslims and they do forget the time when Kashmiri Pandits had been murdered and forcibly expelled from their home by muslim extremist. They blame because they are muslims and have had genocide millions people of other religions.

If you cannot feel the grief of Kshmiri pandits I request you to keep yourself in place of them for few minutes surely you will shiver for while. Now I want to tell in details about them.

Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits- 1990

In January 1990, Hizbul Mujahideen threatened Kashmiri Pandits to leave valley or be ready for death. Some prominent leader and activists of Hindu community were killed. The home of Kashmiri Pandits were either burned or captured by Ksahmiri muslims forcibly. Some of them were murdered mercilessly. The shops and temple of Hindus were burned and destroyed. More than 300000 kashmiri Pandits left valley immediately and other 300000 in next few years.

Their home and land were captured by local kashmiri muslims. They were compelled to live in refugee camps in Srinagar. Some of them migrate to other states in India. Till date all of them are living exile life despite having home and land in Kashmir.

In a time when Modi government have removed aricle 370 from Kashmir and made it union territory, it has given a hope among Ksashmiri Pandits to get their home and land back.

So in a time when India is celebrating, ‘Happy Diwali, 2019,’ surely it would be a special day for Kshmiri Pandits, as a hope of getting their property back after so long period of more than 19 year.

Some of them might not be able to purchase new articles like bike, jewellery or home but surely would be happy for a hope to getting back their lost property 19 years ago.

Surely, ‘Happy Diwali, 2019 will enlighten a hope in their dream, a dream to return to their home and to get their property back.

                                          ***Happy Diwali***