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Why should indians vote Modi again in 2019

This is the last year of NDA Government and we can see more ‘political drama’ in remaining months like – “No confidence motion”, “Modi hatao desh bachao”, and the alliance of anti – NDA party like – BSP –SP alliance in Uttar Pradesh.

The question is that what should voter do in this situation , whether they should vote on the basis of cast , community and personal benefit or for the benefit of country.

So here I am presenting my personal view –

The Grand Alliance’s main object is to defeat “Modi” – they want to defeat ‘Modi’ at any cast. The party who were blaming each other and were major rivals like BSP –SP are now making alliance. So it is clear that they have no development agenda , “जो अपनी राजनितिक दुकान बचाने के चक्कर में पड़े है वो देश  का क्या विकास करेंगे “.

They want to come in power in any rate . But now one thing is clear there is no caste and community tussle among public , it is spread by politics , for example we can take Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party alliance in Uttar Pradesh. Before some years they were dividing people on the basis of cast  and the common public had fight over it. But now they are saying it is not a problems , they can come together .

The “ Modi Government’s” main object is to defeat other countries in development and competition –

From its oath for Government to date , Modi government is fighting for development , curbing corruption , and making a plan for securing common people.

They want to see “India becoming a world leader” , we can take example of following –

  • International Yoga Day – This is the major success of Country in Modi Government regime in world community . Now world have recognized India as “ Yoga Guru” . And it have the potential to create millions of jobs for Indians.
  • International Solar Alliance – This is the alliance of more than 121 countries and its head quarter is “ Gurugram , Haryan , India” . It is also a big success of Modi government in ‘International politics’.
  • Make in India – This is big initiative by Government for creation of employment in country . And we have seen many industrial investment deal recently .

So the question is that “ The person , who want to see India becoming great in world and Indian becoming more prosperous , how can he hurt country in any way ? “ , perhaps never.

And we could see this development before 10 years in previous Government but unfortunately we could see only Big scam like “Commonwealth game scam, coal gate scam”, etc.

So if you are going to vote the same person again , who is in alliance with regional party , definitely you are in a boat who have no sailor.

“And the one thing you should keep in mind, if you vote Grand alliance and they come in power, definitely you will realize your mistake, but in 2020”